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Samsung Note Edge Mini Dual SIM Smartphone: With Curved Display

In the different countries of the world, Samsung will soon begin selling a smartphone Samsung Note Edge Mini that supports two SIM-cards and it is a smaller version of the curved screen display phone Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Android Tablet Series

Samsung likes to go beyond the limits of the possible, especially when it comes to tablets. And the Galaxy Tab 5 would be no exception. And it would walk on the path of Samsung Galaxy Tab S

How To Use Social Media For Real Estate Investment?

These days use of social media has increased tremendously in every field and same is in the case of real estate investing, which helps prospective investors, brokers, buyers and sellers to get lead in investment and find

Movavi – One Stop To Convert From MPEG To MP4

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) refers to the group of digital video file format. There are different types of MPEG, namely- MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4. It is a very popular standard of video compression. It provides high levels

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE: Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Grand are the most famous series of Samsung that was produced in the past years and still Samsung is launching new member or upgraded members of the original

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Flagship Of 2014

As for the design Galaxy Note 4, it has not changed compared to the previous generation. Good or bad, everyone decides for their selves, but smartphones at a distance of several meters will be very difficult to

Why You Should Start Caring About Mobile App Analytics

With more than a million apps available in the Apple App Store for download, it’s no surprise that the mobile app market is more competitive than ever before. Using mobile app analytics, developers can measure user behavior

5 Ways To Save Money With VoIP

Advocates for VoIP are quick to praise it for being so cost-effective. But just what does that mean? Here are the five biggest ways VoIP can cut expenses: 1) Increasing Value Of IT Workers In many instances,

Differences In Job Scheduling Across AS/400, Windows and Unix/Linux

Across all major operating systems, job scheduling is a mainstay of ensuring unattended processing of critical tasks according to predetermined criteria. Operators can create time- and/or event-driven schedules to efficiently handle a wide range of jobs and

3 Types Of Monetization

We all consume apps; whether you’re addicted to the Google Play store or iTunes, search for expertly designed freebies or hunt for the best personal organisers at any price, every smart phone owner will, at least once